why do some dreams feel so real


today i had a dream the only dreams i have are lucid dreams im always in control i want to fly i run i want to have superpowers i think what kind. but there is the rare occasion where nothing is in my control usually they are scary or odd very odd. in this case i seem to have ended up at a bus stop at what seems to be Taiwan there are people who chose to walk some who chose to ride a bike and an old factory to my south and in front of me is a vivid one way road i think i get on a bus i did not remember perfectly but the destination looked like a barn i sit there there are two girls who look exactly the same girl a lets call her ann and girl b we will call her lucy. lucy was defying the rules when no one could to torment or tease ann who was squeamish making herself contort and ann seemed like she wanted to wake up blinking really hard trying obviously hard i thought it was kinda funny at first like siblings teasing each other,and for the first time ever i talked in my dream and i said who cares about reason ann squealed with a disturbed face and lucy smiled elated i have never seen such an honest and happy face. lucy grabbed me i started to feel pain i can\’t fell pain in my dreams usually and this makes the 2 times if we think of the setting,she grabbed me and i couldn\’t move there was no free will in my dream and she said if you want blank move i don\’t remember what she said, it hurt and i couldn\’t move so i force my way out i moved my shoulder and it moved her hand then i woke up. the second time i had long forgot about this dream till i saw that road this time no ones around a few passing cars and a man dressed in black he wasn\’t moving o i walk the same direction i came closer he didn\’t react i put my hand on his shoulder he reacted put up a crazed smile instinctively i thought if don\’t run im screwed so i run as hard as i can i try flying like i usually can in lucid dreams but i was trapped i keep running i look back and hes gone i keep running forward and he poped up in front of me once i moved my head forward and he was there smiling big and wide he then stabbed me lifted me up high and proceed to shake me as i was in the air i felt pain lots of pain but couldn\’t wake up tried mentally pulling my self out couldn\’t wake up then i died and woke up i woke up feeling pain in the same place like my nerves hurt not my skin my nerves actually made pain in my dream im not ill no old wounds no reason but they hurt i did not sleep after that any ideas. to me i entered someone else s lucid dreams
Im going to share with you something that happened to me a few years back.


I have had a few lucid dreams o er the years but didnt make too much fuss over it, just enjoyed the experiencs if you like.

Then inception came out. After that i sort of realised that what i called waking dreams where actually lucid dreams. I was excited about this, i bought numerous books and read lots of stuff on the internet on culturing this state of conciousness. I had roughly 1-2 lucid dreams per month after practising for a few weeks. Most where pretty standard and inevitably ended up with me trying to initiate a sexual encounter with some hot female figure (what? Im only human! ). For some backstory i am 34 and married (happily). But who wouldnt choose to fuck a young entity in your dreams without your wife knowing? Anyway, after a few months practicing lucid dreaming i began to get better at holding on to a dream once i became lucid (a major stuggle in lucid dreaming is staying within the dream once you become aware, a lot of people wake up instantly when they know they are dreaming). I got to a point where i could stabalise a dream by calming myself down and start asking questions to the characters in my dreams. This isnt a i spoke to some people in my dreams and they told me some horrible shit thing.

For thw most part they were quite indifferent to my questions. I remember once flying over some chick i liked the look of, showing off, and telling her she was my creation. She just smiled like i was crazy and carried on with her day. I will cut to the chase. The time i had an experience i still suffer from now is hard to explain. But i will do my best. Bear in mind at this point i was so confident of my dreaming ability i was practically calling upon dreams like a kid in a sweet shop. I was in asia, thailand i think. With my wife, and a few friends. I wasnt aware i was dreaming yet (i now think because the dream was so real i never performed my lucid tests. ) Its hard for me to describe this now because what i exprienced was not in the same time scale as what we, as humans, are used to. I lived a life in asia. Spent months hiking the jungles, speaking to monks, staying in different hotels, bedsits etc. I had a life there. Then it happened There was a storm, a big one, raging clouds etc. And somewhere around here i performed a dream test (google it). It failed. I was dreaming. How can i explain to someone that the last 6 months?? (Fuck knows how long but thats what it felt like)

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