why do we need food to live


Why do you need food? Food is converted by oxygen intoP energy Pfor your body, A waste product of this process is carbon dioxide which you then breathe out. People with lung conditions can find breathing out harder to do. If carbon dioxide builds up in your body it can make you feel weaker. A good balanced diet helps maintain your strength and fitness and promote a healthy immune system as well as helping you fight their severity if you do get an infection or flare up. Why do you need energy? For any activity, including breathing, even at rest. Breathing requires more energy for people with lung conditions once damage has occurred. Why is food and your diet important if you have asthma? If you are overweight your heart and lungs have to work harder to supply oxygen to your body so keeping a steady weight can be important. Having a good balanced diet helps maintain your strength and fitness and boost your immune system as well as fight infections. Some of the asthma drug treatments can increase body weight and appetite.


Ask your healthcare team if you think this is a problem for you. Some people with asthma may also have food allergies and must be careful to avoid certain foods.
Answer 4: The short answer to your question is absolutely! The long answer is not directly. Humans need sunlight to make Vitamin D, which helps us absorb calcium from our food. You can take all the calcium supplements you want, but unless you have enough Vitamin D, they won\’t really help. Calcium is important for building bones and making tooth enamel, and also for general good health, since calcium is important for muscle contraction and nerve function (nerves help with conscious thought, movement, body functions and collecting information from our environment like touch, smell, sound, taste, pain, etc). New data from nutrition scientists suggests that many people do not get enough sunlight to make the Vitamin D they need to absorb calcium. (Sunscreen screens out the type of light needed to make Vitamin D. ) I\’m guessing that humans could probably survive without sunlight, although our bones wouldn\’t develop normally.


What we really need sunlight for, and what ALL animals on earth need sunlight for, is the creation of food. Humans and other animals are called heterotrophs, which means \”other\” \”feeding\”. Heterotrophs need to eat other organisms to survive. If you\’re a vegetarian, the organisms you are eating are plants. If you eat meat, the organisms you are eating are animals, and those animals probably ate plants, or ate other organisms that ate plants. For example, cows eat plants like grass and corn. Chickens eat plants and insects and worms. Those insects and worms got their food from plants, or from other insects and bacteria that ate plants. This is called a food chain, and it allows you to figure out the source of all your food. Write down a list of everything you ate for lunch and figure out where that food came from. (You may need to get help from your teacher to do this. ) For example, if you had a hamburger and fries: the bread in the bun was made of flour, which comes from plants.


The beef came from cows, which eat plants. The lettuce, onions and tomatoes came from plants. The fries are potatoes, which are plants. If you had a Coke with it, the sugar in the Coke came from plants. If you do this, you\’ll soon realize that the ultimate source of ALL food is plants. How can plants make their own food? They are able to use the energy in sunlight to make food from gas in the atmosphere and water and nutrients in the soil. This is a process called \”photosynthesis\”, which means \”to make food\” \”from sunlight\”. It\’s pretty amazing, when you think about it, but it means that plants cannot live without sunlight. So in this sense, humans and all heterotrophs need sunlight because we need plants for food and plants need sunlight. There are VERY few exceptions to this, and these animals live at the bottom of the ocean, or in other environments where there is no sunlight. Click to return to the search form.

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