why do progesterone levels drop in early pregnancy


Me too! We did a frozen embryo transfer last month and now I\’m 7+2 pregnant with baby number two! I actually find myself stressing a bit less now that I am always running around chasing after my one year old- he\’s the best kind of distraction! But I get blood draws every week and my progesterone just started going up within the past week (and it\’s still really low- only 9. 1- but I\’m on crinone so I know I\’m getting all I need).


I\’m following the same pattern as my last pregnancy, where it increased steadily weeks 7-9 and then I was off the progesterone supplementation by week 11! I hope you\’re feeling well other than the stress!
I\’m 6 weeks today, had my 3rd round of blood work/ultrasound.


The good news is that we saw that beautiful little heartbeat on the sonogram. Amazing! The other news is that my progesterone has dropped to 9. 85 (was 10. 25 at 4 weeks, 11. 34 at 5 weeks). My doc is having me start on a progesterone supplement tonight for the next week to get me up to 10, will do another round of blood work/us next week.

I know that progesterone is necessary to keep a healthy pregnancy, I\’m really scared now. I\’m 39 have been trying for a year to get pregnant. I had the injectables for ivf on order when we found out that we\’re pregnant. I love this baby already, want everything to go smoothly. Does anyone have a similar story that turned out well?

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