why do teeth break off at gum line


I am the same, I have a lot of issues with gumline decay. One tooth in particular now has quite a deep hole along the inner gumline, even after about 8 yrs of it being there and getting darker and bigger the dentist still wont fill (only a private one had planned to fill it, but I cant afford him any more! )
Both previous dentists have mentioned how bad my teeth are for my age, too many teeth with the beginnings of decay and too many fillings and extracted teeth etc, Im 31 btw. I had hoped they wouldnt comment on them as it would make me feel worse, but both said the same thing! They always seem accusatory, like Im lying when I say I dont drink sugary drinks or sit eating sweets all day (I cant bcos of IBS for one! ). but I do everything, have the best electric tooth brush, use mouthwash, floss every night, and still theyre awful.


I did have a year or so with acid reflux, but that seems to be under control, my parents teeth are awful, so Im assuming it could be down to genetics (although neither dentist seem to think thats even a possibility! ). To say Im sick of my teeth is an under statement, I do all I can but theres not a week that goes by where I dont feel some twinges or pain. Ive already had a lot of deep fillings, a gumline filling, then theres the gumline hole i mentioned, theres the beginnings of decay on pretty much all my teeth, esp the back biting ones, and along the gumlines, even my front teeth are see through along the bottoms, urgh.


Youd think man would evolve better to do something about teeth, take the nerves out or just make them better or something lol Rosy, It may depend on your roots and how long they are or if they are wrapped around anything. You really need to see a dentist/oral surgeon and get an xray. More than likely it won\’t be a hard extraction but like Comfortdentist said, it\’s best not to wait until it gets infected.


The extraction and recovery will be easier without any infection. Let us know what you find out. By the way, I completely understand your anxiety about it. I am going through that myself awaiting wisdom extractions at a ripe age. None of us look forward to an extraction but I think you will be surprised at easy it will be compared to what is your mind right now. The important thing is to be numbed up properly. Always let your dentist/os know if you are feeling any discomfort so they can give you more local if its needed. You should not feel any pain. It will also be harder to numb up if you let it get infected.

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