why do some chickens lay blue eggs


YOU can buy boxes of BLUE chicken eggs in Aldi and people can t make their mind up about them. Normally, eggs bought in supermarkets typically have pale brown or white shells but the boxes of six eggs from Aldi are blue. Malcolm Cowling from Selby in Yorkshire posted the photo to money saving Facebook group, after his wife bought a box from the store. He d never seen them before so he took to the group to see what other people thought about them. He wrote: Aldi are doing blue eggs never seen them before my wife had one this morning said she likes them any one had them [sic]. One user wrote that the eggs made her feel nauseous whilst another wrote that she d never seen these before. While the boxes of The British Blue Eggs aren t new to the German supermarket the post prompted a debate over whether blue eggs taste better. Some Facebook group members insist that there is a difference, swearing that they have more orange yolks and a better flavour than brown eggs. But not everyone is convinced, with chicken owner Katie Ryan posting: Apart from the colour of the shell they are EXACTLY the same as any other egg!!!! No different to a white or brown egg Just shops think they are fancy so charge you a premium to buy them. So why are some chicken eggs blue? And do they cost more? The colour of the eggs shells depend on what breed of chicken laid them. Cream Legbar, Araucana, Arkansas Blue and Whiting True Blue are among the handful of hens that lay eggs who s shells are tinted blue. These chickens cost more to buy and that has a knock on effect on the egg price on the shelf.


Malcolm told the Sun Online that he bought the box of six eggs from Aldi for бе1. 49 – and we ve asked the. Other shops also stock blue eggs but they cost more. You can buy a six pack of
or an even posher box of Heritage Breeds Royal Legbar Free Range Blue Hen Eggs from. Waitrose stocks a box of for six making them 90p more expensive than the ones from Aldi. If you are on the hunt for blue eggs, the ones from Aldi are better value for money although a standard box of from the supermarket. Do blue eggs taste better and do they have yellower yolks? The colour of an egg yolk depends on what the hens who laid them have been eating. Chickens that have been fed on a diet of fresh, natural greenery with yellow pigments like marigolds will produce eggs with much more yellow yolks. б This is why many people prefer the taste of free range eggs. Eggs produced during the winter months will have paler yolks because they have to rely on feed. who produce the British Blue eggs say they feed their hens on a diet that consists of a grain mix with extracts from brightly coloured flowers which produces a rich tasting natural yolk. So really it s not the colour of the shell that makes the yolk taste better, it s the hen s diet. It is illegal for breeders to add artificial colourants to a hen s food. What other birds lay blue eggs? You may also spot blue eggs duck and quails and on supermarket shelves. Starlings and black birds also lay blue eggs but you can t buy them because the eggs are protected.

Plenty of people believe that eggs should be keep in a cool and dry cupboard rather than the fridge, but according to a storage expert, the fridge is the best place for them. But where you place them in the fridge is crucial. Vlatka Lake from Space Station says that the. This is because it will be subjected to a series of sudden temperature changes as the door opens and closes, and that makes them go rotten quicker. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team? Email us at or call 0207 78 24516 Why have white eggs when you can have blue ones? You don t have much choice when you re buying chickenPeggs from the store you re getting white ones, light brown or maybe dark brown eggs. ButPif you re raising your own chickens, you have the opportunity to be a little different. The key is. Here are four Pthat can helpPyou break the mold with incredible blue eggs. Araucana Chickens The true Araucana breed originated in Chile, a combination of thePCollonocas and the Quetros chicken breeds. Araucanas are rumpless (without a tail head) and often tufted, and the since the tufted gene causes many of the chicks to die in their shells. True Araucanas are only available through breeders, and they will always lay blue eggs. Ameraucana Chickens The isPa bit more common than Araucanas, as they do not have the Araucana s inherent breeding problems. Rather than ear tufts, they have muffs and a beard. They are easy-going birds, known to be both hardy and sweet.

Their eggs are always blue, and they even have blue or slate colored legs. Cream Legbar Chickens The Cream Legbar chicken originated in Great Britain, from crossing with golden Leghorns and Araucanas. These arePfabulous foragers that love to be outside and are great at avoiding predators. They are alsoP autosexing, meaning males and females can be differentiated with 100 percent certainty upon hatching. Legbars Peggs are always blue, but may range from a true sky blue to light turquoise or even slightly green eggs. Easter Egger Chickens The Easter Egger is not a real breed but a mixed-breed chicken that does not conform to any breed standard. However, they are a popular choice among because they are friendly, smart, hardy, and lay well in the winter. They lay large to extra large eggs in a variety of egg colors, including blue,Pgreen, rose, brown, sage, olive, and cream. Many hatcheries mistakenly label their Easter Eggers as Araucanas or true Ameraucanas, so beware if you are. However, if you are simply looking for friendly and hardy chickens that lay different color eggs, Easter Eggers may be a great choice. Consider the breed s personality and characteristics when making your choice to add to your backyard flock, but if colorful eggs arePwhat you re after you can t go wrong with any of these blue egg layers. Do you have a backyard chicken that lays blue eggs? What do you think? Tell us in the Facebook comments below! WATCH NOW:PChicken Shows Are Amazing

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