why do prenatal vitamins make me feel sick


I worried that mine were making me more nauseous in the mornings while at work, so I switched to taking them after dinner. One night I forgot to take them after dinner and I didn\’t remember until right before bed so I went ahead and took them, even though my dinner had mostly digested. Huge mistake! I felt sicker than I have all pregnancy that one night! It was horrible! I could not lay down without feeling so painfully sick. But I didn\’t want to throw up because I knew it was just expel the vitamins.


So I stuff some crackers in my face and slept in the recliner for an hour until it went away and I could go to bed. Now ever since that night I get nauseated just thinking about taking them! I have to make sure I take them right after dinner so that doesn\’t happen again.
I\’ve been taking Garden of Life myKind organic prenatal for a few months and it is very gentle on the stomach. You do have to take three per day, though. They have ginger and peppermint in them, which is why there are three pills.

I take one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one after dinner. They definitely settle my stomach, and can be taken on an empty stomach. You can break the pill in half if you can\’t swallow large pills. They do not have DHA in them, so I also take Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA. I freeze them so as to diminish the taste of the pill on my tongue. My naturopath suggested switching to Thorne Research prenatal. I haven\’t yet because a few of the reviewers said it upset their stomach.

If I wasn\’t already pregnant, I would have switched. But I don\’t want to poke the morning sickness bear. She suggested the switch because the Garden of Life prenatal, while containing folate instead of folic acid, doesn\’t clarify if the folate is L-methylfolate. I have not been tested for MTHFR (because the test is $900 and my insurance won\’t cover it) and she thinks it is better to be safe. The Thorne prenatal contains L-methylfolate.

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