why do pregnant women eat ice chips


Do you enjoy eating ice while pregnant but you re not sure why other than вyou just feel like itв? This article just might help you to demystify this quirky ice crunching habit youвve formed, so you can finally understand whatвs going on inside your body! The intense urge to eat ice cubes during pregnancy is considered to be a form of pica. Pica is characterised by eating non-food items such as clay, chalk, soil, paint chips and plaster. The eating habit is thought to be compulsive, and the consumed items hold little in the way of nutritional value. Pica can affect anyone, though it is most common in children and pregnant women. Technically speaking,
pagophagia is the name given to the eating of ice. Why Do So Many Women Crave Eating Ice While Pregnant? It is not yet known exactly what causes people to develop pica, and understanding of this condition is somewhat limited. Some studies have found a link between pica and iron deficiency, indicating that deficiencies may have a role to play in the condition. Interestingly, pica sufferers with low iron levels were not craving or eating items that were naturally high in iron.


One found that non-anemic study participants reported very low rates of pagophagia (4%) whereas anemic participants reported much higher rates (56%). It was also found that crunching on ice gave anaemic study participants a mental boost. Those who were anaemic showed a dramatically improved response time on a neuropsychological test, whereas this wasn t the case for non-anaemic participants. How Common Is Pagophagia? As many as one in five pregnant women find themselves regularly craving ice cubes, making it one of the more popular pregnancy cravings. It has been found that treating the anaemia can reduce the cravings. If you find yourself regularly craving ice, speak to your healthcare provider first, before taking iron supplements. However, while pregnant, it is important that you re consuming enough iron, ideally from natural sources which are readily absorbed and less likely to result in constipation. While pregnant, the of iron is 27mg per day. Shellfish (e. g. oysters, clam and mussels) Chicken, turkey, fish, lamb lean beef Cooked legumes (e. g. lentils and chick peas) Green vegetables (e. g. broccoli, spinach, silverbeet) Iron deficiency anaemia can affect your mood and concentration, and can cause fatigue, headaches and lethargy and who needs more of that when you re already pregnant and tired!

In some instances, the ice craving is nothing to worry about and is no indication of a deficiency, but itвs always worth getting checked out. Can Crunching On Ice Cubes Damage My Teeth? Even if your ice cube habit is not caused by a vitamin deficiency, your dentist probably wonвt be too keen on you eating too much ice, as it can put teeth at risk. Human teeth are designed for eating softer food, not chomping down on hard cubes of ice. Chewing ice can wear down tooth enamel, leave teeth vulnerable to decay, and even increase sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Therefore it s important to remember that while ice is one of the least harmful cravings you can have, there are risks to your teeth and diet, especially if you don t address a possible underlying cause of anaemia.

A simple blood test is all it takes to check your iron levels. Ask specifically to know the level of ferritin. For an, a ferritin level below 15 Оg/L is considered to be iron deficient. Between 15в30В Оg/L is highly suggestive. by in It\’s 3 am. YouБre standing in front of the fridge, looking to satisfy a craving. ThereБs leftover mashed potatoes, apple pie, a bowl of grapes theyБre all so tempting. They say you shouldnБt gorge in the middle of the night, but sometimes, you just gotta have it. Who hasnБt been there? Ice can help you feel better if your stomach is feeling queasy The theory is, the more ice you eat, the more weight you lose. The plan sounds logical, except there are two major problems with this diet. The first issue is that you have to eat an enormous amount of ice to lose weight. 66 pounds of ice will burn just one pound of fat. Chewing that much ice isnБt exactly an effective diet plan, or safe for your oral health. You shouldn\’t worry about your weight during pregnancy Looking for an AD FREE EXPERIENCE on BabyGaga? Get Your Free Access Now!

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