why do pregnancy symptoms come and go


So my last scan was on Wednesday. I heard the heartbeat and everything was fine. The next day I started feeling that my pregnancy symptoms were becoming a bit milder. I never had nausea or frequent urination. But I had excruciatingly sore boobs. Not period sore boobs, no like an insane level of pain. And my other symptom was overwhelming fatigue. I even wrote a thread about it the other day. I was so tired I couldn t function. Starting from Wednesday evening, I felt my symptoms reduce. My appetite came back, my boobs started not hurting so much, and the fatigue got better.


Also the wet feeling I ve had since I got pregnant is gone. I m mostly dry
Yesterday, I even went out to dinner with my husband and did the dishes and laundry ta da I m happy that I feel better. But I am concerned because I read that when they symptoms go, it means that the pregnancy will end? Is that true? I m a bit worried I have to say. But my husband keeps reminding me that I heard a heartbeat on Wednesday. I guess the other possibility is that it s psychological. I could ve been so stressed because I was worried about the baby, and then when I heard the heartbeat, my psychological state got better, so I felt better?


Unfortunately, I suffer from severe anxiety which has caused me many psychosomatic symptoms before. But I guess in pregnancy the stakes are different. So what is going on here? Is this normal or should I be worried? The thing is, I just had an ultrasound, I can t keep running to the doctor every two days Hi, With my first I didn t have any nausea or sore breasts until well into the 1st trimester then it was all over by 14 wks. If you saw a heart pulse then that s a great sign and perhpas you may just be one of the lucky ones that doesn t get alot of morning sickness.

With my 2nd (now 34 wks preggers) I had 24 hr a day morning sickness which I would not wish on anyone. This lasted until 20 wks, then heartburn took over 🙂 Relax and enjoy your holiday and just take it easy on yourself. I know this is easier said than done particularly if you have been wishing and hoping for a bub for a long time. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to take it easy, soak up some nap time and just go with the roller coaster ride that is pregnancy.

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