why do tampons hurt to take out


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I find the tampon sliding back down no matter how far I put it in, which makes me all dry and sore at the opening. (sorry/warning: too much information) This is causing alot of irritation.


Even just the string is burning me now. I had an IUD fitted 3 weeks ago and have been bleeding HEAVILY since so a new tampon every few hours and I am just getting all dry and sore even with Tampax pearl. If you google vulvar vestibulitis, that\’s pretty much my problem/what\’s going on there. Vagina getting irritated and closing up completely. It was like this before I lost my virginity too, I think all the natural bumps, ridges and poly-type frilly bits I have just keep getting squished and pinched all the time. Every time I go to pee or whatever it hurts feeling my pelvic muscles bear down around the tampon and it trying to slip out but getting stuck.

I try to push it back in and end up pinching the inflamed vestibule bits/hymen between my finger and the tampon itself plus it hurts my bladder/back passage. I\’m convinced I have some degree of prolapse but the GYN wasnt paying any much attention to me and didn\’t even tell me I\’d bleed for weeks after the IUD hence me needing so many goddam tampons in the first place!!!!!!!!!!! Removing the tampon is HELL. What I am sure is the urethral meatus/sponge is getting in the way. The tampon gets stuck behind it and this damn thing is attached to my pubic bone, WTF am I suppose to do?

UM on the to and half my hymen blocking the way on the bottom and the vestibular swelling ALL THE WAY AROUND. I can\’t not wear tampons either because when I wear pads, even when I change them super regularly, my own blood burns/irritates me within minutes. For some reason, all lube burns aswell. I\’d try the mooncup but anything near my cervix has spelled disaster for me in the past. Right now as I sit there it is just burning, stinging and wondering whether to go try and change it or face the pain of putting it back in. I needed that.

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