why does my discharge have blood in it


Since my last period three weeks ago I have had constant bloody discharge from my vagina. Although it is minimal, I have never had this before. It is odourless and I feel fine in myself. I am taking the contraception pill, which I have taken for approximately two years. Do I need to bother my GP? Non-menstrual bleeding should always be investigated, no matter how trivial it may seem to the individual concerned. Although it is commonplace for this to occur if a woman has recently started using, after two years of regular use, your Dianette is unlikely to be at the root of the symptom. Other possible causes include pregnancy, inflammation or infection of the lining of the womb or vagina and abnormalities of the neck of the womb cervical erosion, cervical polyp and
(the latter although rare must be excluded).


After confirming the history of your condition and asking a number of structured questions, your doctor will wish to examine your abdomen and pelvis, including a and swabs for laboratory analysis if infection is suspected. Last updated 06. 11. 2013 Keeping things dry down there can help. While there is nothing wrong with the natural blood smell (and the likelihood that it is noticeable to anyone but you is very small), Dr.


Shirazian says keeping the surrounding area as dry as possible can help reduce it if it\’s bothering you. Change your tampon, pad, or menstrual cup regularly and try to \”wear cotton underwear and breathable clothing, not a lot of spandex or tight clothing\” during your period to reduce sweating, she says. Although it\’s not the main cause of period blood odor, sweat can definitely contribute to it. \”Many types of bacteria can grow during your period that are due to both blood and sweat,\” Dr. Shirazian explains. \”Sometimes the issue is very heavy periods or a lot of bleeding. Thereвs just so much blood that it will allow bacteria to overgrow,\” she adds.

This means that if your flow is naturally heavier, you\’re probably going to experience more odor than someone with a lighter flow. If you notice that you\’re bleeding more than usual, or you\’re worried that you\’re bleeding excessively, Dr. Shirazian recommends talking to your doctor. \”Heavier bleeding could be a sign of fibroids, polyps, or hormonal changes,\” she says. Plus, even if it turns out that you just have a naturally heavier flow, there\’s actually no reason to put up with ; you can just skip it entirely with the help of a hormonal birth control method.

Don\’t douche, ever. The bottom line is that vaginal odor, much like vaginal, is totally normal. As long as you\’re maintaining healthy period habits в keeping track of any weird changes to your normal cycle (including changes to the smell), changing your period protection regularly while you\’re bleeding, and most importantly, в you don\’t need to worry about the normal odor. As self-conscious as any odor may make you feel, there\’s no reason to go to extremes like douching, which, in fact, has been linked to bringing on the very infections (like BV) that cause even more (and honestly, much grosser) smells.

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