why do pond fish jump out of the water


Q: My fish are jumping out of my water garden. Is there any reason for this? How do I get them to stop? Several Customers
A: Fish will jump out of the water for what seems to be no reason at all, but sometimes that isn t the truth. One reason for this jumping is lethal ammonia levels. As fish excrete waste, ammonia levels begin to rise and if sufficient nitrifying bacteria are not present within your filter to breakdown this ammonia, it can become extremely deadly for fish. Constant high levels of ammonia will cause burns on the fish s gills, thus causing them to want to jump out of the water to escape the pain. If your fish are jumping out of the pond, immediately test for high ammonia levels using an. Doing a 20% to 25% water change as well as adding will help to bring ammonia levels down. Another possible reason, is low oxygen levels. Usually the fish will seem to gasp for air on the water s surface but they have been known to also jump out of the water as well. Use an oxygen test kit to test for proper oxygen levels and make sure during the warmer months of the year you have an running in your water garden. Another cause of low oxygen levels is after using an algaecide to kill off algae.


When algae dies it takes oxygen from the water. If there is an abundance of algae and all of it is killed off in one treatment, there is a possibility for the oxygen levels to get extremely low. Doing a 20% to 25% water change is a quick short-term fix to get fresher, oxygenized water into the water garden. As the above happens, the stress level of the fish can rise, it is always a good idea to add to your water garden. Pond salt will help the fish calm down as well as help to protect them against common fish diseases. Fish are known mostly for swimming in water and not jumping out of the water. However, certain fishes tend to jump and some can jump fairly high. Some can even fly. Well not really, but the flying fish can actually soar for quite a distance. Fish tend to jump for several reasons, the most common being because the fish is hunting or is being hunted. Jumping makes for a good defense mechanism as the fish being hunted can temporarily escape the fish that is doing the hunting. Game fish such as marlin and largemouth bass tend to jump out of the water to loosen the fishhook that may be stuck to their lip.


These fish will jump clear out of the water and shake their head violently in an effort to remove the hook that is impeding their freedom. Other fish, such as the invasive, have been known to jump out of the water when an outboard motor-powered boat drives through the water in which these fish live. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing these carp jumping out of the water, often landing in the boats that are going through the area. It is not known why these fish jump but there is speculation that the outboard motor s noise causes the fish to jump out of the water. Aquarium fish, on the other hand jump for other reasons. TheP is an accomplished jumper and unless your tank is securely covered, the hatchetfish will jump out of the tank. The marbled hatchetfish ( Carnegiella strigata P) feeds on the surface, and in the wild are known to jump out of the water to dislodge any insects that may be crawling on any low hanging leaves or branches. Once the insect hits the water, the hatchetfish has an easy meal. Another popular tropical fish that is known to jump out of the water is the African butterflyfish ( Pantodon buchholzi ).


The African butterflyfish lives near the surface and can jump out of water to capture prey or escape from predators. It also has eyes that enable it to see above and below the water s surface. Tropical fish jumping out of water can also bePdue toPbad water quality in the fish tank. Improperly cycling your aquarium can cause fish to jump out as can high concentrations of ammonia or improper pH levels. Fish do breathe oxygen, and whenPwater is dirty, there is less oxygen in the fish tank for the fish to breathe. PLack of decorations or hiding spots can contribute to fish jumping. Other fish that are known to jump out of their tanks include comet goldfish, (which tend to jump from water puddle to water puddle in the wild), and on the saltwater side, firefish are known jumpers. P, the most popular pond fish,Phave been known to jump out of the water. If you keep fish that jump out of water, such as the hatchetfish or African butterflyfish, try and reduce this capability by adding floating plants and decorations that would inhibit their capability to gather speed to jump out. And keep your aquarium covered with a secure lid.

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