why do people hate the mormon church


I m going to make another post detailing what the Mormons are. This one (unlike the top post) will be aimed at being pedantically accurate so that an active member would agree with it too. The LDS church is a restorationist church started by a self-proclaimed prophet named Joseph Smith during the 2nd great awakening in the early 19th century. They believe that God s true religion has been introduced among mortals on several occasions, generally ending in apostasy, unbelief, and sin. According to their doctrine, Jesus introduced his true church and atoned for our sins during his mortal life. Shortly after the death of the original apostles, the truth was lost again. After ~1800 years, it was reintroduced by direct revelations to Smith. The restoration included introducing new scripture that was meant to make up for the information lost during the great apostasy (as its called). Because they believed the bible to be incomplete, and that Joseph was a literal prophet and able to receive revelation from God, they were able to justify adding some beliefs that other Christians would find highly questionable.


For example, they believe that christian practices like baptism go back to old testament times, as far as Adam. They believe that God was once human like us, and that our ultimate destiny is to become as he is through the Gospel of Jesus. Plural marriage was introduced, for reasons, and later abandoned. The Word of Wisdom was given, which suggested that hot drinks, strong alcoholic drinks, and tobacco were bad (this was later changed to tea, coffee, all acloholic drinks, tobacco, and illegal drugs). Despite their occasional odd beliefs, on the surface, most Mormons will look and act like other christians. They have big families, go to church every week, and lead ostensibly squeaky clean lives. They are generally very socially and fiscally conservative. Whether or not its a cult is up for debate. They
certainly show some culty behaviors, according to the BITE model. But at the same time, people who fit in well at church probably aren t going to ever feel like its a cult or notice the bad behavior.

They would say that, if mormonism is a cult, then every church is a cult. Its a difficult, burdensome church to belong to, and it takes up a lot of time, but active mormons, at least on the surface, are happy with it. They believe they are exclusive and privileged to be a part of it, and criticisms generally just play into their persecution complex and reinforce their belief. Also remember that the church owns and operates a fairly well recognized university. They do good research and accept a lot of outside funding to keep their labs going. They teach evolution, old earth geology, and are generally friendly with modern science. Not exactly culty behavior. At the same time, I would say that they are a cult, but like, one of the less harmful cults. I would take it over being a JW or a Muslim. So why is this such an active community? Why are exmormons the way they are? Because, if you don t fit the mold, and aren t happy with the church, its an awful, terrible, stifling place. And its actually legitimately difficult to leave.

You go from being one of the elect, destined for great things, even if your mortal life is modest, to being just another brick in the wall. For more info, I highly recommend Brother Jake on youtube. He is funny, entertaining, and informative. Other people can probably do a better job of flagging the problems with the church, so I will leave it at that. Hope that helps! I just happened to come across this. It is now 2016. WHAT MORMONS DO BELIEVE (because I once was a mormon) IS THAT ONE DAY THEY WILL BECOME GODS LIKE JESUS!!! Therefor, WHY would they worship JESUS since He was once just a man like themselves? They are taught that THEY can become greater than Jesus himself once they become a god. They believe and are taught in DEGREES of heavens! EACH degree gained by their WORKS here on earth. WHY would they carry a SYMBOL of a mere man (the cross) if that man was just as human as they are? They claim to KNOW that Jesus atoned for their sins, BUT believe that one day when THEY get to CELESTIAL HEAVEN and become a god THEMSELVES, they will have the opportunity to create worlds and set a plan for their creations, just as God has done for this world!!!

They will populate their world by creating beings and if their creations need atonement, they will simply create and send a jesus to turn their creations back to worshiping themselves) WHAT A MOCKERY to our ONLY TRUE God and His plan of salvation through His ONE and ONLY Son, Jesus Christ!!! I will give mormons this. They lead exemplary lives of what appears to be christian values, BUT the teachings/beliefs are FAR FROM what God wants us to do and be! Remember, some of the worlds greatest people have appeared to be good, yet history has taught us they were wolves in sheep s clothing. I KNOW many mormons THINK/BELIEVE they are doing right and good in God s eyes and cannot help but believe the things they were taught, ( I certainly did), BUT if they only ask the ONE/TRUE/ (past, present and Future) ONLY GOD to open their eyes, He will show them the TRUTH~!! I PRAY FOR EACH AND EVERY SOUL lost to this Satanic Cult~!! In Jesus, precious name!!!

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