why do soda crackers help with nausea


Drink lots of fluid. It\’s extremely important that you stay hydrated, especially if you\’re getting sick frequently. If you let yourself become dehydrated, you will feel even more nauseated. Sip fluids throughout the day, using a straw if it helps. Try to refrain from drinking 30 minutes before or after eating, however. You should try to drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. However, if you\’ve been getting sick a lot, you can try replacing some of the water with a sports drink containing glucose, salt, or potassium to help restore lost electrolytes.


Alternatively, you can try drinking cold, carbonated beverages, as some women find these easier on the stomach. Other women also find sour drinks, like lemonade, easier to keep down. Avoid drinking too many fluids, though. Liquids can give you a false sense of fullness which may cause you to feel less hungry throughout the day.
Soda crackers were described in \”The Young Housekeeper\” by Alcott in 1838. In 1876, F. L. Sommer Company of started using baking soda to leaven its wafer thin cracker. Initially called the Premium Soda Cracker and later \”Saltines\” because of the baking salt component, the invention quickly became popular and Sommer\’s business quadrupled within four years.

That company merged with other companies to form American Biscuit Company in 1890 and then after further mergers became part of in 1898. In the early 20th century, various companies in the United States began selling soda crackers in and referred to them as \”Export Soda\”. Rovira Biscuit Corp. of Puerto Rico also started selling their soda crackers with the same name. The term \”Export Soda\” became a generic term in Puerto Rico for these crackers.

In 1975 Co. was refused a trademark for the term because it was \”merely descriptive\”. In the United States, Nabisco lost trademark protection after the term \”saltine\” began to be used generically to refer to similar crackers (see for how this occurs). The name \”saltine\” had been placed in the in 1907 with a definition of \”a thin crisp cracker usually sprinkled with salt. In Australia, still holds a trademark on the name \”Saltine\”. They were made in the by, and also in and under the brand name Arnott\’s Salada.

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