why do people hate for no reason

This is a very common feeling to feel, and while I don\’t know the details of your situation, often people \”hate\” somebody for little to no reason out of having a low self-esteem themselves, or out of pure jealousy. However, I can\’t say that people hate you in general, as most people certainly don\’t hate you. I am not sure if you have ever been bullied or not, but if so, it may be easy to assume that people \”hate\” you from past experiences, leading to misinterpretations of the actions of others that make you feel as if they dislike you. It can be a choice of words taken the wrong way, a misread facial expression, or other actions that may make you feel as if you\’re being rejected. Humans don\’t always think before they speak or act. I can understand how you are feeling, and the feeling of being rejected by seemingly everyone can just lead you to feeling lonely, as well as anxious when it comes to being in social situations; but I can assure you that not everyone you meet is going to hate you for no reason.
Have you ever thought of why people hate you even when you haven t offended them?

They just choose to hate you for no cause. I ve written on, but that article was based on your perceived flaws, but this article will focus on why people hate you for no cause. 1. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE WIRED THAT WAY A lot of people have hate in them; they have cultivated that negative energy from a very young age to adulthood, and they just tend to carry that hatred and bitterness everywhere they go. 2. TO ELEVATE THEMSELVES Some people will hate you not because there s a reason to hate you, but just to elevate themselves and make themselves feel better.

People like these will hate you to build their self-esteem and make themselves feel better. 3. JEALOUSY AND ENVY People are naturally envious and jealous, and the higher you climb in life, the more jealous they will be of your position. 4. THEIR FAILURES If you are successful in life, expect a lot of people to hate you because you remind them of their failures. Misery needs company; people want others to be at the bottom with them, but when you are going higher, you remind them of their failings and they will hate you for it. 5. IF YOU ARE GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION If you are getting all the attention, expect people to be unhappy about it. People will hate you when you are taking the spotlight and they aren t getting any. 6.

THEY PROBABLY THINK YOU DON T DESERVE WHERE YOU ARE Some people might feel you are lucky to have a good job, a good husband/wife, a good house, a good life etc. People like these will believe you don t deserve all you have and they will hate you for it. 7. THEY FEEL YOU WILL LOOK DOWN ON THEM Some People are just so insecure that they believe you ll look down on them because of what you have in life that they don t. Their insecurity will make them withdraw from you and they could even hate you for this. 8. THEY MISTAKE YOUR HAPPINESS FOR PRIDE You might be happy to reach a new height and someone else (who s down the ladder) might mistake it for pride. And because of this, they ll hate you. 9. BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO While people are striving hard to get what they want in life, and others are being envious of them; it s simply because they have time on their hands to live in envy.

They have nothing better to do than be envious. 10. THEY CAN T HANDLE THEIR FAILURES Some people can t handle failure. Rather than work hard to get back up when they fail, they hate others for their success and wish them bad. They will want to pull you down to their level of unhappiness. 11. SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS For some people, they are so self-righteous that it turns into hate. They believe they know it all, they believe they are the most morally upright and they believe their ways are the best. They will condemn everything you do and praise themselves for whatever they do. People like these are people you should run far away from, or they will bring you down with their hate. Phil

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