why do no trespassing signs say posted


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Questions are ok; memes are not! These questions will be better for Baiting people, passive aggressive posts etc. is not allowed Remember the human. If you believe one of your posts has been removed in error, please do not hesitate to. Dec 18, 2012 During my career, I saw all kinds of signs on private land that seemed to imply that trespassing was not allowed. But just what does the law require for private land to be legally posted? Four pages (6-9) are devoted to this subject in the hunting and trapping regulation booklet and land owners and outdoor hunters should read these pages.

Many signs will say Бno hunting, no trespassing. Б I think hunting is a form of trespassing so isnБt Бno trespassingБ sufficient? Some signs state БPrivate PropertyБ but does that mean to stay off? Probably but is the land БlegallyБ posted? Probably not. Another wooden sign on the northeast corner of a property that I saw (and may still be there) stated, Бposted, 1/2 mile south and 1/2 mile west. Б On page 7 it states, to be legally posted, signs must be posted once each year which state Бno trespassingБ or similar terms; just what Бsimilar termsБ means is open to interpretation.

It goes on to say just where the signs need to be as to distance apart, either 1,000 feet in open areas or 500 feet along wooded areas. These distances came into play many years ago through legislation. The distance in the law used to be so many rods apart but a legislator did not understand this so they got it changed to 1,000 or 500 feet. Many landowners probably put signs much closer together. Another requirement to be legally posted is the sign must have the signature or the legible name and telephone number of the owner, occupant, lessee or authorized manager.

This is often missing and makes it difficult to know whom to contact to ask permission to hunt that land. Also, if you as a landowner caught a trespasser, you may have a difficult time pressing charges. So just what does posted mean? I think it is the act of putting up signs that state Бno trespassingБ or similar terms but \”posted\” by itself does not mean Бno trespassing. Б Dave Dickey is a retired DNR Area Wildlife manager.

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