why do snow leopards have small ears


Snow leopards have very small ears for the size of their heads and bodies. This is because ears on all animals, humans included, help lose body heat in cold weather. Because snow leopards live in such cold climates losing body heat is the last thing they want to do. So I was intrigued this week when I read as a patient. What extraordinary ears! They are the largest ears of any canids (dog family) and thatвs because, you guessed it, Fennec foxes live in deserts in Africa in extreme heat. They need to lose body heat to survive. As snow leopards are adapted to live in the freezing cold high altitudes of Central Asia these little foxes (they only weigh around 1 в2 kilos) have a fur coat, kidneys and ears adapted to hot deserts.
Snow Leopards are a cream color with light and dark brown spots.


Having this color combination allows this leopard to blend in with its mountain habitat. The Snow Leopard\’s fur is also very thick, with its under fur reaching nearly 5 inches long. A Snow Leopard\’s eyesight is also very impressive. These animals can see 6 times better than the average human, plus, like most other cats, Snow Leopards have night vision.

This is extremely helpful when watching for threats or searching for prey. These creatures have excellent earing, mainly due to how their ears are shaped – round and short. Snow Leopards can also flatten their ears against their heads to help conceal themselves when stalking prey. Having an ear sticking up could be the difference between whether or not the prey sees you. This adaptation is very important for hunting prey, especially because there is only a small amount of it where the Snow Leopard lives. Last but definitely not least, their elegant and very useful tail.

A Snow Leopard\’s tail can reach over a metre long. This is needed because in the freezing mountain nights, the Snow Leopard wraps its thick tail around its body. The fur on the tail is around 5 inches thick to keep it from getting cold, and to block out the wind when it is used as a shield from the snowfalls. The Snow Leopard\’s tail is also a hugely important adaptation because it plays a key factor in balance. How a this leopard uses its tail in balance is like how we use our arms when balancing.

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