why do nipples get darker during pregnancy


Everybody told you that your body will change once the pregnancy period has started, but did you believe them? How many changes can you count until now? The fact is that you get to experience nine, wonderful months filled with constant surprises no matter how hard to try to prepare yourself for what s coming! We bet that you like your new
and nails, your smooth hair and the opportunities to eat the food that you love the most without the need to explain yourself why you ate that last piece of chocolate after 9 p. m. Yes, these and many other changes fill the box of wonderful surprises that only you get to experience during your pregnancy. But, how about the other ones? You might not be so fond of the need to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes or that. But what about that kind of weird ones like you darker nipples? Do you know why do they get darker during the pregnancy? Do you want to find out? Follow us for more information about this topic! Darker Nipples Is This Normal? The pleasant changes are always welcomed and not always questioned but what about that kind of weird ones like your darker nipples?


We always question the less pleasant ones that we cannot explain! And this is one of those changes. Well, let us put your panic at the end because this is totally normal! Your breasts, as well as the other parts of your body, are going through a lot of changes. And these changes regarding your breasts are very significant because this is the part of your body that will produce the food for your loved one in the next few months, right? You might be happy with your breasts getting bigger and this is just another change. You might also experience pain and tenderness of the nipples when touched. And your nipples might get bigger as well! You may even experience leakage in the last few months! And are just another change in the list. All that you need to know is that this change is completely normal! You can consult your doctor to share any thoughts that you might have on the subject because a professional s opinion is always welcomed, but at least you do not have to worry yourself that this is something abnormal!


Now let s discuss why this particular change occurs! What Is The Reason Behind Darker Nipples During Pregnancy? Think about this for a minute what is the reason for all the other changes that you have been experiencing throughout your so far? Did you guess hormones? Well, you are right! And since this is just another change, we can surely say that the reason for your darker nipples is the hormonal change! As everything else in your body, the responsible for the color of your skin, hair and the iris of your eyes undergoes some changes as well. Due to the hormonal changes your skin cells start to produce more melanin than usual which results in your skin getting darker, especially in places where there is usually more melanin like your areolas the skin around your nipples, and your nipples. And this is the process of your nipples becoming darker. As a result of the overproduction of melanin, any freckles and scars may become even more pigmented.


And some women experience dark patches appearing on their skin. You just need to remember that all of these changes are normal and are occurring as a result of your body preparing to nurse your baby in the next few months! How Long Will These Changes Go To Last? Some of these changes you might even want to hold on forever like your enlarged breasts or your new shiny hair and nails. And as for some of the annoying changes, you probably cannot wait to get rid of. But to answer your question most of these changes, including your darker nipples and areolas, will fade in the next few months after your baby is born. You might spend your days reading about all the changes that you are going to experience but when you do finally experience them you will convince yourself that each woman has her own, unique experience with all the changes that follow through those nine months. We decided to dedicate this article on one particular change that we know it causes worries for many women the darker nipples and areolas.

As we explained in our article this is a normal process that happens due to all of the. No need to worry yourself anymore. Enjoy these nine months filled with surprising changes as you wait for your loved one to arrive! It can seem like everything changes during pregnancy, even your skin. Some women get on their faces or a that snakes up their bellies. And, yup, itвs normal for a womanвs nipples and areolas to become darker too. No one really knows why the nipples darken during pregnancy. It might be that cause the cells that give our skin its pigmentation to become more active. In fact, darker nipples might be one of the you notice, once those hormones start raging. Your nipples may keep getting darker as you get closer to (maybe thatвs natureвs way of making sure baby can find them when it comes time to? ). Whatever the reason, nipple darkening is perfectly normal, and your nips will typically fade to your pre-pregnancy shade after birth. Plus, more from The Bump:

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