why do slugs come in the house at night


Maybe that s why they want to go in mine? Yuck, yuck, yuck!! I honestly canвt think of anything more disgusting than standing on a slug with bare feet in the middle of the night. Actually picking one up to get rid of it also gives me the creeps. For the last month or so there have been slug trails on the lounge floor, on the couch, stairs, my flip-flops and even on the babies car seat. As we have been up quite late the last few nights, we have spotted the little bugger and it really does appear to be the
same one. I am too much of a wuss to pick it up and chuck it out but husband has once or twice. But the persistent, slimy, snail without a shell just keeps coming back. It really could be the same one as slugs leave their own individual scent trail so they can find their way home. Apparently one of the reasons slugs may venture into the house (particularly an old house) is because they are likely to be cool, dark and moist so if you have a damp problem that could be one reason. Another is pet food. Slugs have a great sense of smell so will make a beeline for it especially if itвs a rainy night. Or they couldВ be after some plants you have placed artfully in your living space. Well, we donвt have any animals, I havenвt seen them anywhere near the window sill which is where I have 2 herb pots and as far as Iвm aware we donвt have a damp problem. I do know however that the front door does not fit very well at all and because slugs have no bones, they can stretch up to 20 times their normal length which enables them to squeeze through the tiniest gaps. These facts lead me to deduce that the poor thing just wants to be cooled down after the lovely warm weather we have been having lately. But that doesnвt really make sense as only 5% of the slug population is above ground at any one time. The rest is apparently underground doing things that slugs do like eating seedlings, laying eggs, and feeding on roots and seed sprouts.


I would have thought that would be much more appealing than my house. Anyway, it cannot stay. Laying down a salt path в this actually causes the slugs to dry out and seems extremely cruel, uncomfortable and messy so I wonвt try this one Using a В across door thresholds, around pots etc в apparently copper reacts with slug slime and disturbs their nervous system, basically giving them an electric shock (at least they donвt die I guess) в always go for the newer type bait based on iron phosphate which is only toxic to snails and slugs, not the old style baits based on a chemical called metaldehyde which is dangerous for pets, wildlife and children. These also kill the slug after a few days so a bit of a slow process poor things Eggshell experiment. The ones in the eggshell were even more appealing than the ones that weren t. Crushed up eggshells в a common suggestion which apparently is totally useless and untrue as this picture from an shows. The snails actually were attracted to the shells with some egg residue on them and the sharpness of the shells on their bellies was no bother. Kind of glad this one doesnвt work as eggshells around the house may be even more disturbing than the slug trails! Beer в by far the most common suggestion that appears to have good results is to use a beer trap. Here is a great description of how to make a trap. Thinking about it now I remember this is what my dad used and it definitely did work. Gross but the whole lot can go on the compost bin every few days or be fed to chickens (Pims for lucky chickens!! ) Unbelievably, in my trawl on the internet this morning for information about how to get rid of slugsВ and why they want to party in my house, I found not one but two brilliantly informative websites totally dedicated to slugs! has some truly bizarreВ facts about slugs.

My favourite one is that a slug has approximatelyВ В 27 000 teeth which is more than a shark and that,В like sharks, they routinely lose and replace their teeth. В even has Slugapalooza a page totally dedicated to poetry and stories about slugs for a totally random 5 minutes of your life! Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly В Ivan Turgenev How do you cope with unwanted slugs in your garden and home? I d especially like to know if you ve ever fed your chickens slugs that have been soaked in beer?? Take care have a happy day! xx P. S. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something through my link, Gumby Legacy gets a tiny commission on it. Doesn t cost you any extra helps us help others so much appreciated! Since moving into my house, periodically if I have come down stairs late in the evenings I have seens slugs sliding across the wooden flooring in both the front & back rooms & the kitchen. On one occasion they must have slid right acros the kitchen & up the wall to eat half the contents of a pot of basil growing on the windowsill. I have ben trying for a long time to work out where they are coming from. I thought that I had solved the problem when I moved a whole load of bricks that were piled up against the back wall of the house & were damp behind – but a few days later I came downstairs barefoot in the night & stood on a slug crossing the floor (I had no glasses on & it looked like a knot in one of the floorboards). I\’ve looked around the edge of the house & filled in any cracks between bricks with expanding foam, but this hasn\’t stopped them. I\’m assuming that they are coming in from the void under the floor – mainly because I can\’t think of anywhere else coming in. There are metal ventilation grilles nto this void from the outside – but I don\’t want to block these up otherwise it will get damp under the house.

I\’ve had a search for information on slugs in houses & everything I\’ve read suggests that they only come in when it is very damp – but this definitely isn\’t the case. There is no rising damp in the walls (the house had a full survey before I bought it – last November). I\’ve lifted some floorboards – the ground beneath the house is about 45cm below & feels completely dry – the earth crumbles like dust betwen my fingers. So anyway, the question is: how to get rid of the slugs? I\’ve looked around & as far as I can see so far there are three options for getting rid of slugs that I have come across: Poisons (in the form of slug pellets etc), traps (home made with beer or some shops sell them) or copper (apparently slugs will not cross copper). The thing is, as I don\’t really know where they are coming from then where do I put them? As presumably the pellets or traps smell appealing to slugs, do I really want them near to, or under the house as this may attract more slugs? The only place I can currently think of for putting copper is in a ring around the edges of each of the ventilation bricks in the wall – but possibly this is not where they are getting in anyway. If I put poison under the house then I would presumably have to keep lifting the floorboards to replenish it, as this would not have stopped more slugs from finding their way in. The only positive thing that I have been able ot find out is that despite what you might thing, slugs are not particularly unhygenic – so it doesn\’t really pose a health hazard as such. Any suggestions would be welcomed. FWIW it would appear that the problem is not unique to my house, as I have friends with a house of a similar age & design in the next town who have exactly the same problem & have not been able to solve it.

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