why do starfish live in the ocean


Starfish appear in a lot of different settings, such as near docks and in the lower portions of bays, within tide pools and lagoons, n ikelp forests, by surf grass and sea grass beds, and on rugged coastline. Do not be surprised if you happen upon a starfish during a leisurely beach walk, as the creatures sometimes live 400 meters away from the water.


The five-armed invertebrates are a common sight living over jetties and pilings. Starfish can manage very easily in estuarine locales and also amid sand, stones, rough gravel and shells. Coral reefs are common locations for starfish.
Sea star eating a bivalve. Karen Gowlett-Holmes / Getty Images Sea stars prey on like mussels and clams, as well as small fish, snails, and barnacles.


If you ve ever tried to pry the shell of a clam or mussel open, you know how difficult it is. However, sea starsPhave a unique way of eating these creatures. A sea star s mouth is on its underside. When they catch their food, a sea star will wrap its arms around the animal s shell and pull it open just enough.


Then it does something amazing. The sea star pushes its stomach through its mouth and into the bivalve s shell. It then digests the animal and slides its stomach back into its own body. This unique feeding mechanism allows the sea star to eat larger prey than it would otherwise be able to fit into its tiny mouth.

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