why do single men want married women


Dating a married woman is much easier than dating a single woman. This is because, a married woman would rarely play hard to get. Usually, they are more than happy to get the attention of a single man. If you want to have a short fling or a one night stand, a married woman is the perfect partner. They do not expect you to call them back after you have had a crazy night together. So it\’s convenient. When you are dating an unmarried girl, she will have her tantrums. She will give you silent treatment after fights and expect you to cajole her. But with a married woman, your rendezvous will always be secret and hurried. No time for fighting or making up. Married woman is something that is unattainable for a single man. So having what is denied to you traditionally has its own thrill. A married woman can be a good partner to gain some experience about relationships.


A single man can learn a lot from an experienced woman and use it when he is in a real relationship. You don\’t have to spend too much on a married woman. She does not expect expensive gifts but only flattery. There is no question of a married woman leaving her husband for you. She is probably looking for some cheap thrills to break the monotony of a boring marriage. If a married woman tries to blackmail her single lover, he can arm twist her right away. He can always threaten to tell her husband, children and family. She has more to lose than him anyway. You need not be bound to a married woman even when you are with her. As there is no real commitment, you can always hook up with other girls while you are dating a married woman. She Is Cheating, Not You
And if you suddenly have a call of conscience, then you can take comfort in the fact that she is the one who is cheating, not you.

Daniela, it will not end well. Please take my warning. I have been in the same situation and after progressing along after a year it will bring you to almost breaking point. Whatever your reasons for the affair you are clearly not happy in your marriage and you have a choice, I chose to lie and have my secret come out. If your husband truly loves you he will want to work on things. If you want this, end the affair now, if not, end your marriage. I left my husband and attempted a relationship with the other man and he did not turn out to me who I thought he was. After a year of seeing each other almost every day and talking all the time, it is amazing just how different a person can be when the veil of an affair is lifted.

Just think very very hard about the consequences now, think about what your life would be like without either of them, where you will live, what it will be like to start your life all over again, what it will be like to tell your family and friends about your affair and decide if this is what you really want. You have to consider the worst case scenario and decide if you are strong enough to handle it. Decide how you will manage if the man you are having an affair with, turns out to be untrustworthy also. Will he be able to trust you if you ever end up together after he has watched you deceive your husband. How will you ever have a normal and loving relationship? I hope you have a very happy life, you are not a bad person you just need to consider your choices.

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