why do siamese fighting fish blow bubbles


Bubble nests are built even when not in presence of female or fry (though often a female swimming past will trigger the frantic construction of the nest). Males will build bubble nests of various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the male\’s territory and personality. Some males build constantly, some occasionally, some when introduced to a female and some do not even begin until after spawning. Some nests will be large, some small, some thick. [. Nest size does not directly correlate with number of eggs. Bigger males big larger bubble nests. Large bubble nests are able to handle more eggs and larval fish and thus can only be handled by larger males. Larger males are also able to be more successful in protecting their eggs and juvenile fish from predators.

Most nests are found in shallow bodies and marginal areas of water. These areas are typically slow water habitats with dense vegetation. Water in these areas is often characterized by high temperatures, low oxygen levels, low salinity and is acidic. The use of shallow and marginal waters is because larger, predator fish are more likely to be restricted to deeper waters thus keeping the predator threat and competition low. Water temperatures also raise more rapidly in shallow water leading to optimal breeding and egg development temperatures. Warm water increases the frequency of nest building and the frequency of female spawning. The use of shallow water is also because fertilized eggs need to be aerated in order to hatch successfully.

Various stimuli have been shown to onset the construction of Bubble Nests, such as rapid changes in temperature,
changes, fluctuations in rainfall, various fish tank materials, and presence of other males or females. [ The nests are built by the male (sometimes females) and their size, position and shape depends on the. [ They are often built near an object that breaks the surface of the water, which forms a base for the nest. Bubble nests created by male ( Betta splendens ) are made from air coated with to increase durability. The creation of the bubbles is audible and often frantic. Male betta fish may construct bubble nests without the presence of a female. They may make several such nests over the course of a year, depending upon the male.

In the wild, the male leads the female under the nest once it was complete. After a successful courtship dance, the female releases the eggs into the water. The male gathers the eggs, fertilizes them and stores them in the safety of the bubble nest. Betta fish, which originally hail from the stagnant pools of Southeast Asia, are frequently kept as pets in Europe, Asia and the United States. However, the vast majority of the fish that reach pet stores are males, as breeders in Southeast Asia hold back the females so that they can produce eggs. The males also have the bold colors that make the fish such popular pets. Betta fish can survive dry periods of time by burrowing down into the wet mud at the bottom of their habitats.

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