why do people fail to achieve their goals


Goals are something we have in life and in business. Maybe you are planning to start a new journey in your life right now, something you ve always wanted to do but never did before. You might have also experienced failing to achieve your goals in the past, and now youre probablyPwondering what could have gone wrong. HerePare five of the known reasons why some people fail to achieve their goals. Fear of taking risks. These are part of every businessPand life. Some risks are easier than others. PIf I hadn t taken risks I wouldn t be living my current life style. (read more about that by reading my published book,
It sPimportant you know how to handle and manage risks and theyPshouldn t Pkeep you from moving forward and achieving your goals. Too many goals. Do things one at a time. Choose first the most important thingPyou need to do within a certainPperiod of time. If you find it difficult to knowPwhere to start or what priority to put first, find someonePwho can give you advice. You canPalso buy some self-help books where you can learn tips and principles on how to manage your goal-setting. Procrastination. OnePday, youll wake up and realize that you are already wondering rather than focusing on the steps that will lead you to your goal. If you have stuffPthat needs to be done, do them right away. PYou know that old saying: Don t put off until tomorrow what you can do today Failure to Plan.


Today, many companies shut down because their products are no longer relevant to their market. One of the main reasons was their failure to plan. At some point, it is crucial that you look for ways to advance your business, product or system. OnePof the ways to survive and to continue achieving your goals is your breakthrough of Pideas that willPimprove your business. Lack of motivation. In most cases, losing your motivation with your goals is the only way to fail. You may still have lots of resources and other reasons to continue but once your drive to accomplish something is gone, that will be the start of your failure to achieve what you ve put your heart and soulPinto. If you vePfailed many times in the past, all you have to do is to keep getting up and moving forward. Theres no other way to achieve your goals than to pull yourself together and face things head-on. If todays post,P 5 Reasons Why Some People Fail To Achieve Their Goals gave you some benefit or value, please feel free to leave me comment below. Home Business Entrepreneur, Coach and Author Empowering Home Business Entrepreneurs To Make Success Become A Reality Lynda@lyndakennyonline. com If you are like me, then you know that there is greatness in store for you. No matter how hard things get or how tough things are, you know it s there. Sometimes our vision can get a little murky.


Pressures from outside influences such as our family, friends and other external factors can sometimes cause us to feel like our future will always be out of our reach. In this society where we seek constant, immediate and effortless gratification, it can become especially burdensome waiting for what s to come. Perhaps along the way you begin to ask yourself, What is holding me back from reaching my destiny and accomplishing my goals? Since you are reading this right now, I can only assume that you are a curious person; the type that seeks until you find. When you have this intrinsic desire, such passion to actualize your dreams and manifest your destiny, what keeps you from accomplishing your goals? If you do not know already, let me be the first one to tell you. Motivation and sheer desire alone will not guarantee that you succeed at your goals. In fact, the act of setting goals alone in itself does not guarantee that you will accomplish them. When this happens, it can impede on our desire to achieve success and optimize opportunities. So why is it that we can be so steadfast in settings goals for our own dreams, yet still fail to fulfill them? Are you ready for your moment of clarity? Your goals are what you make them. If you make them just words that you say and write on a piece of paper, they will be just that. If you make them into a dream that you are determined to define, this means that your goals are simply there as your guide.


Either way, knowing your purpose for setting goals and understanding the important tasks you have to do in maintaining and actualizing them is vital. Do you know what you want? Do you know EXACTLY what it is that you want? Make sure that you pinpoint your success as specifically as possible. This will allow you to press forward with laser point precision. For example, if you were on a road trip from the East Coast, would you want to go to the West Coast, or Nevada. or Las Vegas! Also, what if you are planning this type of vacation, but have no car or way to get across the country? In this way, a vacation may be possible, but it is important that you outline all the things you need to get that. Know where you want to go and what tools you are willing to use in order to help you get there. The more specific you make your goals, the better you can navigate through the roadmap during your journey. Life is a contact sport. You can always better yourself with the help and support of others around you. For instance, the quarterback may be the most popular player, but what is he if without his offensive linemen? What makes you think that setting goals is any different? Sharing your goals with someone that you trust will help keep you confident and accountable. Not to mention that you have someone to talk to and discuss the rough patches that you may face along the way.

This will help you to dream bigger, overcome obstacles faster and create communication that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and see the Big Picture. When setting goals, we often start with our dreams, which tend to be too big. But what if we actually set actionable goals first in order to begin the process of turning fantasy into reality? Many times, fear of failure can prevent us from even taking the first step. When this happens, remember what it is that you are fighting for. Take yourself out of the present situation and envision your future success. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What will you do once you get there? Remind yourself that most (if not all) successful people that you know have failed at least one time (if not many) in pursuit of their goals. It is more painful to keep thinking about the what ifs and how you may fail, rather than thinking about what you did wrong and how you can improve or change things. Better to have tried than forever wonder. The failures along the way never matter as much as the final destination. They can either be your stumbling blocks or your stepping stones. You choose! So when fear tries to settle in, remember that your courage to pursue your dreams is stronger than your fear of failure.

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