why do my youtube videos keep freezing

How to stop youtube from automatically playing video after clicking the link? YouTube videos randomly stop playing until I restart Youtube freezes while playing videos Dell 7559 uses Nvidia GPU all the time, even while browsing, watching youtube videos after Windows 10 update
Youtube videos take 2-3sec to switch between small and fullscreen, also takes 2-3sec to pause/play after clicking Choppy video 1080p. mkv file with vlc (no audio problems; no issues playing 1080p YouTube videos) Samsung tab stop playing videos Youtube videos not playing How come YouTube makes my HD videos lousy and lagging when playing?

Hi, grck5000! Please, don? t get confused. PowerPanel Personal Edition doesn? t come with computers. CyberPower is a surge protection device and emergency battery for computers (in case of blackout) that you can buy at Office Depot or Best Buy, and PowerPanel Personal Edition is the software that allows the battery to communicate with the computer. (For more information, visit www. cyberpowersystems. com/products/ups-systems. html ) And Prevx is an anti rootkit (a kind of anti spyware) that detected the said software as malware. If your computer is plugged to a CyberPower (or another brand) battery, your problem could be the same that I had, but if it isn? t, the information that I gave you could be useful in the sense of (possibly) leading? someone experienced- to the cause of the problem, probably related to UPS or the internal battery of your laptop (it may be too old).

Always try the easier things first (and if they? re not the cause of the problem, at least you? ll reduce the number of possibilities): Let? s suppose that you? re not using any external battery and the internal battery of your laptop is good, another possible cause of the problem could be your flash player and/or java.

If one of them is out of date or your flash player is not plugged to your java, they wouldn? t work right. Make sure that the said software is update and plugged before doing anything more complicated than that. Just visit Adobe and Java web sites to check what? s the latest version of each, go to your Programs and Features to see if you got those versions or get them, and check IE add-ons settings to make sure that they? re enabled. Another possible cause of the problem? searching from easier to complicated- could be settings that you or a third party software changed by accident. Just to eliminate this as a possible cause, I suggest you to download the trial version of TuneUp Utilities at Cnet Downloads, and use its Rescue Center to set Animation and Effects back to their Default settings.

Cleaning your registry and running a good antispyware could help too. I recommend CCleaner (safe) and SUPERAntispyware (very good to fix IE) and you can get both for free here, at Cnet Downloads. As I said, I don? t know much about computers, but if you don? t solve the problem by doing what I? m suggesting, at least it could help others more experienced in this forum to help you. Good luck, grck5000.

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