why do pit bulls eyes turn red


Lol. He does get it when he plays alot with his flirt pole. Interesting! I don\’t really see it happening all of a sudden, I guess it\’s just that I was trying to take some pictures on my phone of him giving me the sad puppy face and I noticed it. But I\’ll try and see if anything specific triggers it! I thought about this. It\’s very windy in Oklahoma. We have a/c blowing pretty cold and not alot of fans in the house. I wear contacts and direct air makes mine itch, burn and turn red so this makes sense. Not the skin, it\’s definitely in the eyes. I\’d be a little worried as inflammation in the skin is normally sign of infection, correct?


I mean I might be wrong. I\’m no vet
I haven\’t asked the doctor about it yet. I figured if it\’s common enough, or if there\’s a home remedy on here that someone knows I\’d try that. I didn\’t know age mattered much. Now that I think about it, my buddy who I got Chino from cuts his grass a lot and Champs eyes get red when he\’s been out a couple hours. No eye boogers. Well some when he wakes up but theyre not a nasty color or anything. I just wipe them off and he doesnt have them unless he\’s just waking up in the morning. Makes sense. Kind of like what Marty said. They don\’t water, and they really don\’t LOOK dry.

The moisture seems to be consistent, but liek I said before Im going to start watching for certain activities that trigger it Thanks so much everyone. I wasn\’t freakin out or anything, but it\’s just something I hadn\’t given much thought. He\’s right next to me happier than a clam. Tired with a little bit of pink in his eyes. My daughter and son-in-law have a \’Blue something pitt, cant think of the breed right off. We were visiting with them and they have a two year old Pitt and a one yr old Lab. Zeke (the pitt) is very jealous of the lab (Archer). While sitting in the kitchen talking we heard Zeke growling.

My daughter and I turned to see and Zekes eyes were glowing red. When my daughter saw she called out in a strong voice Ezekiel! We saw his eyes return back and the red literally receded back to normal within maybe two seconds. This dog is a very well loved and obedient dog. He is normally very loving and sweet. My daughters husband I dont think believes us and thinks maybe we are exaggerating some. But I\’m telling you I and my daughter both saw that dogs eyes GLOW red! Has anyone here heard of that? Do their eyes do that when they become angry? I\’m just a little freaked out on this.

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