why do my veins pop out on my arms


From anti-aging creams to moisturization, you probably have a set beauty routine in place for your face. You need it too, after all the stress of taking care of kids and managing the house something you didn\’t face in your younger, carefree days! However, it s not just your face but also your hands and feet that need the extra attention! Missing out that extra care for your hands may result in stubborn, veiny hands and feet that won t go away despite the numerous expensive manicures and pedicures you re splurging on! Also Read: Source: The most common reason for your hands to look old with bulging veins is aging. But what if your hands are veiny for a completely different reason? Aging isn\’t the only reason behind veiny hands! Some of the reasons behind veiny hands are downright dangerous and need to be checked even if you have the smallest of indicators. After all, it s your health we\’re talking about and you can never be too careful with it! So what should you watch out for if you have veiny hands? Read on and find out. Find Out: Why Do Your Veins Pop Out? Yes! Exercise the ultimate way to maintain beauty and fitness can have some harsh effects on your delicate hands! Doing strength exercises can cause your arterial blood pressure to increase which results in the muscles to harden and pushes the veins to the surface of the skin, making your hands veiny! What to do : This is completely healthy.


You should worry and contact the doctor only if the veins are painful or swell up. As mentioned above, your skin needs extra care as it ages and this includes taking care of your hands. However, if you have disregarded your hands completely in your younger days, then you might see veiny hands despite care as you\’ve grown older as you missed caring for your hands before they showed signs of aging. What to do : Don\’t worry continue to care for your hands and you are bound to see a positive difference! A few basic tips like moisturising and scrubbing can help you, when done regularly. The unavoidable cause of veiny hands may lie in your genes! Genetics play a major role in determining how we look, what diseases we are at risk for and so much more and include veiny hands as well. If your relatives (e. g. mom, dad, siblings, etc. ) have veiny hands, there\’s a high chance you already have or are going to have veiny hands too. What to do: If this is the reason you have veiny hands, there\’s nothing to be anxious about! However, if you want to get rid of these veiny hands, you can opt for laser treatments or fat filling procedures as well. Scariest of all causes behind veiny hands are cardiovascular diseases or blood clotting disorders (problems in the heart or cardiovascular system). These problems can result in varicose veins ( enlarged, twisted and spider web-like veins that can be painful) which can appear on hands and legs as well!

This is due to the fact that the veins weaken due to over-stretching and need to be checked for immediately. What to do: If you notice varicose veins on your body especially on legs, immediately consult a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment! If you have low body fat percentage, the amount of fat under the skin is less. This makes the veins appear closer to the skin and results in veiny hands. The ideal body fat percentage doesn\’t give an unhealthy look even if your veins are visible. Check the chart below by the American Council on Exercise to find the ideal body fat for you, and see if you fall within the normal range:
What to do : If you feel your body fat percentage is below the ideal, then consult a nutritionist to build a diet plan that will help you gain body fat! Due to an increase in blood and nutrient supply to nourish the baby in your womb, the blood flow in your veins will be up by 20 to 40 percent during pregnancy! As a result, not only will you see or veiny hands, you will also see visible varicose veins in your breasts, abdomen and feet! What to do: You don\’t need to worry about this. The veins will eventually go back to normal after you give birth. When you start losing weight, the fat layer under your skin starts to melt away and your veins become more visible. This can result in veins popping out from your hands. What to do: You don\’t have to panic about it as it is a normal part of weight loss process.

Consult the doctor only if the veins get painful or swollen. Now that you know the different reasons behind veiny hands, you can better understand the reason behind YOUR veiny hands and appropriately choose the way forward to deal with them! But remember, veiny hands are just cosmetic, at the end of the day caring for your health is of utmost priority! Also Read: Bulging veins in the hands are common signs of aging; but a variety of other conditions could be the cause, some of them potentially harmful. However, in many cases, particularly those having to do with teenagers, the cause is something more benign, such as excessive activity. Due to the potential risk involved, consult a doctor to rule out a more-serious disorder. Veins are responsible for taking deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs to be reoxygenated. Unlike arteries, veins have valves in them that control the flow of blood. When veins bulge — on the hand or anywhere else in the body — it is because the blood is pooling in the vein, either due to a problem with the vein itself or an underlying condition. Bulging veins are more common on the leg, but they can occur anywhere on the body. If a teen is active in sports, such as lifting weights, it can cause the veins in the hand to bulge temporarily, which is usually not a cause for concern.

Other causes that could be to blame include excessive inactivity, obesity, pregnancy, high blood pressure, structural problems with the veins, injury, and thrombophlebitis, a swelling caused by a blood clot. It could also be a hereditary condition, which could be more noticeable in a thin teenager. If bulging veins in the hand is accompanied by other symptoms, an underlying medical condition is more likely the cause. Symptoms that accompany bulging hand veins can include pain, warmth and redness in the affected area, which is common in thrombophlebitis. If diabetes is the cause, symptoms can include slow-healing wounds and ulcers on the skin. Veins that bulge as the result of a structural problem in the veins are usually always swollen and slightly engorged. Even if no other symptoms are present other than bulging veins, it does not rule out a more serious medical condition. Bulging veins in a teen\’s hands are not always a cause for concern, but a doctor should be consulted to rule out an underlying medical disorder. Treatment for the condition will depend on the underlying cause. If the cause is genetics, no treatment is usually given, although cosmetic procedures are available to remove the veins. Bulging hand veins accompanied by symptoms of infection — including redness and swelling in the affected veins, pain, a pulling sensation or bleeding from the vein — require immediate medical attention.

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