why do people dislike me so much


It makes logical sense that the nicer and more altruistic you seem, the more people will like you. But some science suggests otherwise. , researchers at Washington State University and the Desert Research Institute had college students play a computer game with four other players, who were really manipulations by the researchers. Here\’s how one of the study authors explained the study procedure in \”Each participant was placed in a five-person group, but did not see its other members.

Each was given endowments that they could in their turn choose to keep or return, in whole or in part. There was some incentive to maximize one\’s holdings, but not an obvious one. \”(The participants were told that, at the end of the semester, a random drawing of their names would be held and those few who were chosen would have their holdings converted to Dining Services coupons redeemable at campus eateries. )\”
Some of the fake participants would give up lots of points and only take a few vouchers a rather altruistic behavior.

As it turns out, most participants said they wouldn\’t want to work with their unselfish teammate again. In a similar, follow-up experiment in the same study, some said the unselfish teammate made them look bad; others suspected they had ulterior motives. If we\’re interested in an explanation more sophisticated than \”because they\’re stupid,\” there are two primary reasons that people dislike and distrust the police: – Poor experiences.

This could be as simple as \”they pulled me over while I was speeding, what is up with that,\” but it could also be \”I was pulled over because a cop didn\’t like the look of my car, and was detained for an hour as the cop attempted to find something to charge me with. \” You don\’t have to look very far to find someone with either kind of story. – Resentment of the \’cop culture\’ that makes it so that nearly every police officer in the world will go out of their way to protect other police officers from being subjected to the same laws that the public at large is exposed to.

It\’s true that most cops aren\’t corrupt or violent or combative. Not even those cops, however, will go after their friends who are. The former is pretty much overgeneralization based on shitty experiences. The latter is absolutely legitimate.

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