why do some verizon phones have sim cards


4G LTE Phones are not CDMA Enabled anymore. Verizon did away with CDMA on 4G LTE phones. If your phone has a Sim Card Slot, Verizon uses that sim card to enable LTE. CDMA Technology is way too old to handle LTE Speeds. This is why Verizon bought the GSM Spectrum and starting using SIm Cards for their LTE Phones. All 4G phones are still CDMA which you can not swap out of the account. Verizon is more competing with AT&T and the mobility of swapping phones. All you need is a working Sim Card from Verizon and it can work on any Verizon Sim Card Based phone. This means you can swap out phones as long you have a working Sim Card. Same Concept as AT&T. The only thing you CAN\”T DO is use a AT&T Sim Base Phone on a Verizon Sim Card. CDMA does not have the technology available or will it ever have LTE. So Verizon had to dip into the Sim Card Technology.


The news has been going around and has been confirmed. I sold my Verizon Tablet on Ebay and was not swapped out of my account. The guy was able to activate the device on the network without needing me to swap out the tablet. All it needs is a working Sim Card. Verizon is going to do away with CDMA soon. Sprint will follow next. They are expecting Verizon to do away with CDMA all together in the next couple of years. They are predicting in 2020 after getting rid of all of their old CDMA phones that are still active.
I just bought a ZTE Rapido from Walmart yesterday. The Walmart employee called Straighttalk and requested that my ATT number be ported to the new phone.


I was advised that my ATT phone would stop working within an hour and at that point my new phone would be working on the Verizon 4g LTE system. 4 hours later my ATT phone still worked and my new phone did not. I called straighttalk and spoke with two different people who were very difficult to understand. I was advised that there was an error in their system that required them to cancel my sim card therefore due to their procedures they were required to wait 25 hours before they could attempt to try the porting again. ATT already received the port request and shut my cell phone off with them within minutes of this call. At this point i had no functioning cellphone. Oh, i should have mentioned that i purchased my wife the same exact phone at the same time and it did not function after 4 hours either.

During my call to them i was advised that the sim card was ok and that the port request was sent, HOWEVER, there was an error in the system that would cause a delay but that the phone would be activated at 8pm EST. At 9pm EST I called Straighttalk back and let them know that the phone was still not activated. After speaking to two different people again i was advised 45 miinutes later that there was no one there who could help me fix the problem and that it would be 24 hours before they could expidite my request to activate the phone. So to answer your question. Apparently none. At least not where I live.

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