why do pigeons live in the city


Out here (up here? ) there are small flocks of pigeons that hang out up in the cliffs that overlook I-70 as it winds west toward the Continental Divide. They live up to 8,000 to 9,000 feet year round. There is running water (in spite of the very cold temperatures and probably dine on mosses, lichen, berries, rose hips, juniper and cedar berries, grass and sedges, plus any fruits and seed pods that are left after the growing season. It has to be tough and the flocks aren\’t very big but they are there.


For the first time ever, I saw them up in Estes Park just a couple of weeks ago, and believe me it was really cold. Unlike the little sparrows, they weren\’t near the eateries, just hanging out in the rocks and caves around town. I\’m sure they have travelled west as the cities have grown, but these are not at all dependent on man for sustenence, unlike the city-slicker pigeons that must forage from our trash and waste to survive.
I think it varies from city to city but yeah, by and large pigeons, which are adapted to living on rocky outcroppings like cities.


As do sparrows which seem to be clever little buggers that live on trees. I ve lived in cities were there were many pigeons and fewer sparrows and in cities where there were far far more sparrows than pigeons. The only pattern I can really think of is sparrows live in trees and pigeons can live on buildings. NYC seems to have far more pigeons than sparrows. (Much more building real estate than tree real estate).

A greener city such as the one I am in now (Bucharest), seems to have more sparrows than NYC did. I sometimes like to feed birds (it s very relaxing! ), and always I get like 10 sparrows show up for every pigeon here. Also I think in Bucharest pigeons have a predator. Wild dogs and very poor people have been known to kill and eat them. Whereas a sparrow is less likely to be hunted for food by either species.

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