why do my torrents download so slow

Do I sacrifice slow internet speed for better security? Slow internet speed on laptop new laptops internet speed is excruciatingly slow slow internet speed in my computer whereas faster internet connection in my phone slow internet speed on only one laptop Slow downloading speed on ASUS laptop high internet speed Slow internet speed on only 1 computer (Samsung) Slow Internet Speeds on my Samsung TV Who are the high speed internet providers in my area? slow speed accessing internet Laptop getting incredibly slow internet speeds.

Asus laptop lags/semi-freezes when downloading at high speed (AC WiFI) 1gbps internet but getting really slow speeds
It\’s probably because that torrent has like one SEEDER. that\’s the person that has the complete torrent.

Say ONE person is seeding a torrent that is about 800MB. If 99 people join the swarm and begin downloading. that ONE seeder is alone until there are other people with the completed file. So those 99 people could be at 63% when YOU join the swarm and begin downloading. so you will get a super fast download until you received 63% of the file. then you will slow down and proceed with the rest of the people at the same pace.

Another explanation is. there are not seeders with the completed file. If one person only has 63% of the total file. and 100 people join in. then everyone will catch up to that person with 63% and the downloading will stop since no one else would have the rest of the file. and anyone new who joins the swarm will get up to the same point and stop.

You need to look at your torrent client to see if anyone has 100 percent of the file (SEEDERS). If it\’s 0 then you won\’t get the rest until someone with the rest of the file logs on and starts seeding.

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