why do people convert from christianity to islam


Tell the person to be calm. Mostly when a person tries to convince another to enter a religion, there is more tension around, so this may be quite difficult. If the person you are talking about has more faith in their religion they might take it as a joke.


So this very difficult. Give them time to think, don\’t force them, show them that you care. Show them that you really care for them and show the parts of Islam – about the day of judgement, about the prophet Muhammad (saw).


Show the most convincing teachings of Islam that would grow their faith in Islam and that which would convince them to enter Islam. Tell them that the Qur\’an speaks more about Jesus.
Who Was The Crucified One? There have been countless films depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, the most recent being БThe PassionБ movie.


БThe PassionБ has caused much controversy and talk, most people take it as historical fact that Jesus was crucified.

What is the evidence? Paul: The mythmaker or the Apostle? What many Christians fail to realize is that the earliest written documents about Jesus occur nearly 20 years after his disappearance by a man named Paul. Just who was this man Paul?

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