why do scientists use a classification system


What is this strange animal? Itвs a platypus
platypus, like a beaver. It has a bill and lays eggs, like a duck. What kind of animal is it? Is it a mammal, like a beaver? mammal Or is it a bird, like a duck? bird. Classification Classification is a way to organise living things. They are put in groups with similar features. groups with similar features A finch looks quite different to a peacock, but they both have beaks, wings, and. So both are classified as birds. Most animals that have fins are classified as fish, fish в like sharks, sardines and goldfish.


Today, most scientists use a classification developed by Carl Linnaeus. He worked in the 18th century. Botanist, 18th century But sometimes, scientists donвt about how to classify an animal. When scientists first saw the platypus, they were confused. animal that some people didnвt believe it was real. Finally, the scientists decided that the platypus should be classified as a mammal because it has blood, it has fur, and it its young. Classification groups organisms by their features. Scientists need to organize materials. A part of a Scientist\’s job is to make sense of the world around us.

He can do that much easier if everything is arranged in a system on paper at least. A cook can do better if each pan or tool is exactly where she put it and expects it to be. She can grab her mixer and put it on the counter instead of saying, Where is that mixer? and running all around looking for it. The same with everything else. Likewise with a mechanic, look at his tools. They are all arranged and ready for use. They are arranged in a system. They are classified by size. He does not have to search to get to the part he wants to get to and repair.

When a scientist is examining something he has the terminology. If it is an animal, he can use very few words and all other scientists using the same classification system know what he is talking about. He does not have to describe how to find some particular muscle in some particular animal, or he does not need to describe some of the chemicals used in a process. His classification system contains that information. Scientific classifications systems contain a lot of information. So he must simplify the words to shorten it

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