why do people buy empty perfume bottles


Paranoid Parrot much? lol
You have to ask yourself, why would a site like fragrancenet mess with the bottle? And if they were really intent on doing this, would the cap really and box really be a deterrent? That\’s actually the easy part, removing the wrapping and cap and putting it back together. Are they going to empty out half the juice, fill it with alcohol and then sell diluted testers to get an extra $20-30 or so?

Where do they get the empty bottles to transfer it to? Think of the time and effort taken to achieve this. They would need a team of people dedicated to doing this to make it worth their while. The art of removing the sprayer without damaging it and then having to replace and adhere it without any signs of tampering. Or would they fill it with fake juice?

Wouldn\’t it be easier for them to simply purchase fakes and sell those? And what about people noticing, how do they do it so well that people cant tell? Im really baffled by this kind of thinking, its like people who ask on auction listings Is this authentic or a copy? and then make a decision based on an answer they have no proof of whether its true or not. If you\’re really concerned about this type of thing, buy from stores only and you wont have to worry.

What s that Smell? It s the Scent of Money! by Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions What in the world is this article about? It s about selling perfume, empty perfume bottles, men s cologne and other bathroom items on eBay. This is a frequently overlooked category and I just couldn t resist writing about it! 1.

Never pass by the bathroom at estate sales (I know, I know, this is a little weird). I was at an estate sale last week. In the bathroom there was a huge amount of vintage perfume and cologne bottles. They were priced starting at 50 cents and they went all the way up to $20. 00. The $20. 00 bottle was a Lamborghini cologne/after shave in a leather case that was made in France and England.

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