why do people visit the great barrier reef


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Recently, I ve posted lot s on our trip to the Tropical North Queensland including and from where we went on a day trip to explore the Great Barrier Reef.


Our tour was with the. I can t recommend these guys enough. Well organized, great crew, knowledgeable and they offer both snorkeling and diving. Not that anyone needs convincing, here are seven reasons why you should visit the Great Barrier Reef or at the least read a few fun facts. 1. It is one of the most fascinating natural beauties on Earth Please believe me when I tell you this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful environments you ll ever find yourself in. The beauty will paralyze you so much so that you ll be afraid to release even the tiniest amount of bodily fluid while swimming. You will be gentle and cautious not to disturb its inhabitants while patiently bobbing up and down admiring all that s around you. 2. It s one of the seven wonders of the natural world It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing that is visible from space. It stretches for 2,300 kilometres (1,430 miles)! If you don t believe me, check out some of the aerial images. 3. It is surrounded by hundreds of tropical islands that are second to none Did you know that majority of Fool s Gold was filmed in Queensland all around the Great Barrier Reef?


Originally, the movie was to be filmed in the Caribbean, but due to hurricane season they moved production to Queensland. So, when you see those beautiful white sandy beaches and islands, that s all around the reef. 4. You will feel like you are in paradise How awesome is it to be in a place that truly is a paradise. It s a luxury, it s a privilege and for those lucky ones that get to experience this extraordinary corner of the world it s a chance to stop and say there is no place more beautiful than the earth we live on, so let s love it and protect it, let s reduce waste and beб human beings. On our visit to the, we learned all about injured turtles and how pollution is playing a major factor in threatening their existence. 5. Time flies, but not here Here the clock stops. There is nowhere you will rather be. Enough said! 6. Home to 1,500 species of fish You will see big and small fish. Fish you never knew existed will come and stare you in the face.


They all serve a purpose in this underwater scene and none and I mean none belong in an aquarium. Once you see them in their natural environment, you will understand why. 7. Stunningly beautiful coral I still can t believe that corals are marine invertebrates. To me they are something out of this world rather than life in the sea. Sadly though, they are under stress all around the world. Disease, pollution, overfishing, sea temperature rise just to name a few factors contributing to this problem. I ve read that in 1998, 16% of the world s reefs died due to increased water temperature. Our journey to the Great Barrier Reef started at Cairns and as we left the mainland there was a sense of excitement about what we were going to see and experience. You have all sorts of visions and hope that maybe just maybe you will come across a turtle and Nemo. Once you get there, the boat stops in the middle of nowhere with the reef all around. You get in and within seconds you are swimming with the majestic Wally the Wrasse. True story, it s what happened to me

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