why do russian women want to marry foreigners


I was recently invited to a that had just that topic. The host had chosen two ladies who had had bad experience. Mixed with the statistics of divorces among foreign marriages they even managed to present that Turkish men are apparently the most loved ones in Russia (or was it the other way around? ) в at least according to the Russian statistics. On my side of the fence they had invited \”service providers\”. Our position was that getting married is pretty similar to finding the job of your life. My neighbor who runs an international marriage agency talked us through the mistakes people are making when deciding to link up for life. He made the point that if you cannot sort out your life in your home country; donвt think it will be easier by finding a foreign partner. Despite the fact that less foreigners are now coming to Russia in many cases the headhunter can fairly quickly spot when the only driver for a particular candidate wanting to move to Russia is a woman. And very often I then have to remind them of my fate which pretty much was the same when I originally came here. I had to learn that just speaking Russian and having a girlfriend in this part of the world didnвt qualify me for a job in Russia. In days of localisation this will probably have become even more difficult. It also seems to me that like when finding a new job we get the most basics wrong. We forget to do the analysis of the potential employer (wife/husband). Do I really want to spend the rest of my life there just after two good interviews (a great night out in the club or a month of chatting over the web). Is a three months trial period enough? And what about references – too often we forget about them completely or get them from the wrong people.


You will agree that an ex-husband of your new love may have a different view than your new mother in law may have? Finally coming back to our original topic. The Russian female representatives in the programe made several references to the soft facts and values. They mentioned that a Russian women would like to see \”the protector\” in their second half. Like in the world of recruitment it is important to figure out the cultural differences and the values attributed to it. This also helps to avoid legal battles as both examples in the show had negative experience regarding who got the right to keep the children. Those companies and wives and husbands who consider the above seriously will also master their foreign relationships with all their opportunities and challenges and the number of foreign marriages in Russia will remain a very relevant topic. PS: feel free to join one of our cultural awareness trainings to learn more about the differences or watch the programme.
What are Legal Rules To Marry With RussianВ Women? If you resumed to take your international relationship to a new level of commitment, there are certain laws to marry a Russian lady. Depending on where you intend to register a marriage, different laws will apply. Legal Rules to Marry a Russian Woman Change Depending on the Country By law, you can enter nuptials with a in her home state, your country, or even the place where you both are foreigners. The marriage will be legal if it has been registered according to the local regulations. В Some countries have a special visa for prospective marriage partners (Australia) or fiancГes (USA) who are foreign citizens.

For example, visa K-1 in the USA allows to bring a foreign citizen on a 3-month visa, provided you have met in person before. The laws require you to supply evidence of your meeting (plane tickets, copies of hotel bookings, tickets to events you attended, photos of you together showing your romantic involvement, etc). By the end of 90 days the person should be either legally married or leave the USA. For more details see the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Other countries such as Canada offer only family reunion visas, which means you have to be legally married before you can bring your Russian wife into the country. There are immigration lawyers and agents who specialize in marriage visas. Their role is to ensure that all forms and documents are filled in correctly and requests from authorities responded to promptly. Using a lawyer or attorney is not mandatory. Most people who decide to hire a fiancГe visa lawyer do it to avoid delays. Marriage in Russia Republics of the former Soviet Union have different requirements for registering a marriage with a foreign national. In Russia the rules are written in the Family Code. The foreigner must also abide by the legislation of his country at the same time as the Russian laws. For example, these may include reaching a higher age than allowed in the Russian Federation, having an agreement of parents, complying with certain terms of engagement, etc. The foreigner must confirm in writing that such local laws of his homeland are being adhered to.

By default, registrations can only happen 30 days after filing an application. Credentials issued by foreign states should have a Russian translation and Apostille stamp. The Russian translation must be notarized. Usually only one of the local offices in a city is allowed to record nuptials with foreign citizens. You will also require a visa, for which you need a private invitation from your wife-to-be. В Documents required to get married in Russia Other documents that could be necessary (depending on your residency): For people who were previously married, certificate of divorce or death of the spouse One advantage of getting married in Russia is that in this case the foreigner can get a residence permit faster. Having the residential permit allows him to work. Marriage in a third country Many Russian women and western men opt to get married in places with uncomplicated requirements to prospective spouses such as Cyprus, Fiji, or Czech Republic. Once the couple got married, they simply obtain an Apostille and then legalize their nuptials at home. love large celebrations but getting married is more important than a large wedding. Thus, your Eastern European fiancГe will be happy to have a small ceremony if this means she has her beloved manвs commitment. For marriage a Russian woman is ready to sacrifice sharing the wedding with family and friends. This is why a romantic service on a beach at a holiday resort may be just the right thing if you donвt want to wait for months for a prospective partner visa. There are hotel packages that make it affordable and you can combine your wedding with the honeymoon.

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